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Modern day scientists and researchers are in agreement with what ancient sages have been saying all along: Everything is energy, and our bodies respond to sound and vibration. Vibrational resonance is a natural catalyst to relaxation because sound and vibration entrain with our body's own energetic frequency. And through this energetic entrainment, feelings of separation dissolve, walls of resistance soften, and stress/tension floats away. And once again, our body is restored to its natural state of equanimity.


Take a deep dive into a vast ocean of healing sounds and vibrational energy. Let go more into the realm of trustful surrender, Ishvara Pranidhana, as you lay your mind to rest in the heartspace and come into contact with the very deepest desires of your incarnation, of your reason for being.

What is it that you are seeking?
What is it that you wish to hold?
What is it that you wish to heal?

Allow the sonic nature of this sensory experience to take you on an inward journey of remembering, feeling the completeness of your human existence through all the layers from physical to mental, mental to energetic, energetic to the wisdom body, and from the wisdom body to the innermost layer of Ananda. As you descend underneath the surface waves of your mind and deep into the core of the heart, the inner eye begins to see the repository of all of the samskaras and karmas, the cause and effect of all the seeds of thoughts, speech, and actions, in the storehouse of Karmashaya.

The space where deep healing begins.

Join us for this resonant sound journey of crystal bowls, metal bowls, gongs, chimes, voice, and more, and feel what it’s like when the mind finally returns home after so much searching, seeking, wandering, and losing one’s self.

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Deep Relaxation Sound Bath


~ 7 Quartz Crystal Bowls

~ Hand Heart Bowl
~ 12+ Tibetan Bowls
~ 6 Tuned Metal Singing Bowls
~ 4 Meditation Gongs
~ Bamboo Chimes
~ Ocean Drum
~ Buffalo Drum
~ Native American Flute
~ Japanese Rin Gong

...and so much more!


There is no movement required as this is a stillness meditation, and the entirety of the experience is either lying down or seated in a comfortable position.  Often large plush bolsters and blankets are used to support and nurture the body in such a way that you are able to more deeply relax.  These events usually last anywhere from one hour to 90 minutes, so comfort is key.  Lisa and Kevin have been guiding sound events across Central and Northeast Florida for many years and are passionate about sharing the healing qualities of sound with you.  If you are interested in booking the studio for a private sound meditation for your group, e-mail us at for more information.

Private Sound Healing Sessions with Tibetan Bowls
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Celebration of Light

Sunday, December 11

5:00 - 6:30 p.m.


This event does include some very gentle yoga asana (movement) and a yoga nidra (guided meditation) practice.  The whole experience will be accompanied by a live vibrational sound healing soundscape.



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60 Minutes

(1 to 15 people)

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Are you looking for a unique way to celebrate a special event with your partner, friends, co-workers, or family?  Or perhaps you are recovering from illness or moving through some significant emotional challenges in your life and just need to relax?  Allow us to customize a unique and healing sound journey for you and gift yourself an extraordinary and memorable experience. Tonal vibrations are placed on and around the body, where the physical body can absorb and be nourished by the harmonic frequencies at a cellular level. Experience what it feels like to not only hear sound through the ears, but to receive sound on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level.

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30 Minutes

(1 to 15 people)

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Recharge and purify your body, mind, and spirit with the  organic, deep, and timeless vibrations of multiple gongs during your own private 30-minute Gong Bath Meditation.

The Gong is a sacred and ancient instrument of healing, rejuvenation and transformation. Its resonant tone has been used for ritual, ceremony, prayer, and meditation and works deeply on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. When it vibrates, one can sense reverberations within all the cells of the body. It produces long rolling waves of sustained tones that create an all-enveloping sound field called a “sound envelope” that is completely filled with resonance. 

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75 Minutes

(1 to 15 people)

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Enjoy a private 75-minute fusion of these two deeply relaxing modalities:

SOUND HEALING:  More than just an experience of simply listening to beautiful sounds; a multifaceted sensory journey of healing harmonics designed to induce deep relaxation by flooding the body and mind with layers upon layers of soothing vibrations and sound.


YOGA NIDRA:  A full-body guided meditation which prompts the body to relax deeply while the mind remains inwardly alert in that magical time just before you fall asleep when the body rests while the mind is still lucid. Yoga Nidra is among the deepest possible states of relaxation while still maintaining full consciousness.

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Visoka va jyotishmati

Tranquility may also be attained by fixing the mind on the Inner Divine Light,

which is beyond pain, suffering and sorrow.

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