• COVID-19:  Duval County is under a mandatory mask order due to COVID-19 which states that a face mask or covering is required when not able to engage in social distancing.  We are complying with that order.  Please wear a mask while entering, exiting, and moving about in areas of the studio where spatial distancing may not be possible.  Masks are optional while you are on your mat and during practice.  We have temporarily reduced our class capacity and increased the distance between mats.  If you arrive without a mask, we will provide you a disposable mask for $1.00.

  • NOT FEELING WELL?  If you are not feeling well, please stay home until you can practice in our community without compromising the health and well-being of others in the room.

  • MINDFULNESS:  Black Cat Yoga is a sanctuary where people come to relax and quiet their minds.  Please be mindful that “hot topic” discussions, debates, or commentaries detract from the neutral and peaceful environment that our community desires and deserves.  We thank you in advance for leaving those types of conversations outside the studio and honoring the sanctity of this space with your reverence, respect, mindfulness, and kindness.

  • LATE CANCELLATIONS AND NO-SHOWS:  Please note that if you sign up in advance for any of our classes, you are reserving a space. Due to the significantly reduced number of available spaces we are able to offer at this time, no-shows or late cancellations (within 6 hours of class start time) will count as one class pass for class package holders and a $10 charge will apply to unlimited members.  This policy applies to classes that are sold out at the time of the late cancellation.

  • YOGA MATS:  Please bring your own yoga mat.  We are no longer offering community loaner mats.  Please clean any props you use with the cleaning supplies we provide.

  • PLEASE ARRIVE EARLY: Our events and classes begin and end on time; and to ensure the safety and comfort of our attendees, presenters, and staff, late entries are not permitted.

  • STAY UNTIL CLASS CONCLUDES:  In an effort to maintain the highest level and safety and security of our practitioners and teaching staff, and to minimize distractions and disruptions during class, leaving early is not permitted unless it is an immediate and unexpected emergency.  Please select a class time that allows you to stay for the entire experience.

  • FOOD AND DRINKS:  No food or open containers are allowed in the practice area.  Water bottles with closed tops are permitted.

  • PERSONAL BELONGINGS:  Please remove shoes before entering the practice area. Bring into the practice are what you will need during class.  Leave all other belongings in the cubbies.  We lock the door during class.

  • NO CELL PHONESPlease silence mobile devices upon entering and refrain from bringing cell phones into the practice area.  Cell phones and electronics are adverse triggers for people attempting to disconnect and go within. Placing your phone on silent and turning off the vibration mode while it is stored with your personal belongings in the cubbies will ensure a peaceful and uninterrupted experience for you and your fellow companions.

  • WAIVERS:  All new students are required to sign a waiver prior to taking your first class.

  • CLEANLINESS AND HYGIENE:  Please observe basic hygiene and refrain from wearing perfumes or colognes or bringing other strong scents such as cigarette smoke into the practice space.

  • NO ALCOHOL OR DRUGS of any kind are permitted in our studio at anytime.  

  • AGE REQUIREMENT:  Our classes are designed for students 16 years of age and older. Students under 16 years of age may attend classes when a parent or guardian is in attendance for the same class and provided your child is able to stay on their mat and remain focused, quiet, and present for the full class.  Any student under 18 years of age must have a parent/guardian’s signature on the waiver.

  • MEDICAL CONDITIONS:  Anyone with medical conditions or injuries should consult a doctor prior to participating in any of our yoga classes or events. Please inform the instructor if you are pregnant or have any injuries prior to the start of class.



  • WEEKLY CLASSES:  All class purchase options are nonrefundable. Please note that if you sign up in advance for any of our regularly scheduled classes, you are reserving a space. Due to the significantly reduced number of available spaces we are able to offer at this time, no-shows or late cancellations (within 6 hours of class start time) for sold out classes will count as one class pass for class package holders and a $10 charge will apply to unlimited members.

  • WORKSHOPS, EVENTS, AND SPECIAL CLASSES:  Black Cat Yoga workshops and events are nonrefundable, and your reservation can only be used for the date it purchased for. In the event that a workshop or event is canceled by us, participants will receive a full refund or a credit to their account. Absence to a workshop, event, series, or special class is nonrefundable.

  • PRIVATE LESSONS:  Your private session time and the teacher's time is reserved for you. Payment is required in advance and private sessions are non-refundable.  If you need to change your appointment time, at least 24 hours' written notice is required via e-mail at If a private session is canceled less than 24 hours prior to the session, and for no-shows, there are no refunds and the fee will be charged in full.  

  • RETAIL MERCHANDISE:  The retail merchandise we carry in our studio is nonrefundable.  

  • GIFT CARDS:  Gift cards are nonrefundable.  


  • CLASS PACKAGES:  Our class packages do not expire.  There is no limit to how many you can buy.  You can share your class package with your family and friends.  Although our class packages do not expire, we do not guarantee class styles, times, or teachers.  Schedule subject to change.   Class packages are nonrefundable.

  • UNLIMITED OPTIONS:  The unlimited options we offer in our studio are set to expire at the designated length of time at purchase (1 month, 1 year).  Unlimited options are nonrefundable and cannot be shared.

  • UNLIMITED AUTO RENEWAL:  If you enroll in one of our monthly unlimited membership options, your payment will be drafted automatically from your bank account once a month beginning 30 days from the date of purchase. You can cancel at anytime after the initial 3-month period.  If you wish to cancel this recurring auto-payment from your bank account, please provide 2 weeks' notice of your intent to cancel to   Payments made on auto renewal are nonrefundable.

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