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Here we are.

Standing on the threshold of another turning of the years, contemplating the fleeting nature of this construct of time, and examining our attempts to measure the chapters of our lives in seconds, minutes, days, weeks, months, and years. 

As one year surrenders into the next, this is a time to pause and acknowledge how far we've come, and to stand in awe of what it took to get here. Look at all the hard things we breathed our way through: the profound losses, the tender moments, the unexpected changes. 

And here we are. 


This is also a time to clean out our own “houses,” so to speak, to get crystal clear about what is important, and to channel the most valuable of our resources - our energy - into creating a life of intention, kindness, growth, and spiritual fulfillment.

This is a time to recommit to the spiritual practices which return us to our whole and vital selves.

It is our hope that you will stand on the threshold of the next turning of the years and look back in awe and say, "I did it."

We wish you peace in 2024.

Everything else is all just a part of it.

Let it be so.


Kevin and Lisa

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