Black Cat Yoga: Not just another yoga studio

Updated: May 29, 2019

Just as there are multiple choices when it comes to hairstylists, restaurants, accountants, and dentists, there are also many options when it comes to selecting a yoga studio to explore and grow your yoga practice with. Finding a space that feels energetically harmonious and teachers that you trust is a vital step in the decision-making process. At Black Cat Yoga in Jacksonville, the consistency and excellence of our teachings, coupled with our wholehearted commitment to maintaining a comfortable, safe, and clean practice space, distinguishes us from being “just another yoga studio.”


At Black Cat Yoga, our instructors are our greatest assets. We are honored and humbled to be a yoga studio in Jacksonville, Florida, with some of the most exceptional yoga teachers in Northeast Florida on our schedule. All of our certified teachers bring their own unique flavor to their classes, each containing the deep desire and commitment to share the practice of yoga with others. Because all of our instructors remain active in ongoing continuous study and development, you can be assured that all elements of our teachings are consistently being delivered in a safe, intelligent, and restorative manner. We only hire teachers who are comfortable teaching to multiple levels of practitioners and are experts at offering knowledgeable and consistent instruction to both beginners and longtime practitioners.


All of our classes are taught following an intelligent sequencing model and infused with time-honored yoga philosophy. This established teaching methodology not only ensures the physical body is prepared to safely move and transition through a thoughtfully planned asana (physical) practice, but it enriches all our students with a holistic yoga experience of movement and meditation. All students in our studio are encouraged to practice at their own pace and modifications and variations are always offered, which makes each class a unique opportunity for beginners and longtime practitioners to practice as a community.


Taking care of our yoga space and the personal items we all use in our practice is an important task which allows the senses to feel refreshed and vibrant and cultivates an essence of clarity, compassion, and respect for everything around us. We hold our studio space as one that is sacred and strive to create a space that is fresh, clean, and uncluttered so that you are able to feel calmer and more centered in your practice. Our doors are always open one-half hour before class begins so you can come in early and relax on your mat undisturbed. You can be assured that we will begin and end class timely as our way of honoring and respecting your time.